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You have given your Managed Service Provider the keys to access and manage your technology kingdom. How important is your data, access, security, and maintaining operational compliance? Are you confident your MSP is looking out for your business and protecting your globally connected technology world?


So, what has your MSP not done for you today?

We provide compliance  monitoring, auditing, technology consultancy and oversight for services and products provided by your Managed Service Provider and Managed Security Service Provider.  Providing information technology management and auditing services for companies in regulated industries. 

Our mission is keeping your Managed Service Provider and Managed Security Service Provider honest and working for you!

Does your MSP practice what they preach?


Only a small percentage of MSP’s actually keep their own technology infrastructure current, secure, or meet industry operating standards for the regulated clients they serve. 

How do you know if your MSP is operationally healthy and secure? 

Even if your MSP performs annual internal audits, a successful audit report may be misleading or not complete based upon your industry requirements for 3rd party service providers. Example: the ACIPA SSAE audit allows your MSP to be selective on which audit controls are tested and included in the report. 

The devil is always in the detail! 

Our team has the extensive industry experience to identify gaps, potential half-truths, and fully vet "smoke and mirrors" service deliverables. 

Let us manage your MSP


We Provide monthly reviews and validate your MSP is meeting it's contractual obligations, deliverables, services, SLA’s, reports, incident trending, network health and security. We track, maintain, and alert when your MSP is succeeding or failing. 

Thinking of hiring an MSP? We can ensure you get the most out of your investment and validate if their services meet your operational requirements. We perform RFP development, contract review, negotiation, service deliverables, reporting, regulatory requirements and oversight.

Thinking of firing your current MSP?  We provide disengagement guidance, transitional project management, vendor management, and provide a smooth transition.

Thinking of buying or upgrading new technology products and services from your MSP?  Let our team evaluate their proposals for your technology expenditures. We can provide technology recommendations, validate MSP pricing schedules, services, integration processes, and evaluate their transitional project management plan.  

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